People everyday are affected by cancer in the Inland Northwest, that's why KXLY Broadcast Group and Rockwood are teaming up to help get the word out about Early Detection. The Early Detection Video contest and this website will help educate our community about early cancer screening and with early cancer screenings many forms of cancer are very treatable. Unfortunately, the average number of deaths due to cancer related causes are 1,500 per day.

Do you have a story that would touch others about the importance of early cancer screenings? Has someone close to you benefitted from early cancer screening? Would you or someone close have benefitted from early detection? Tell us your story and you have a chance of winning up to $5,000 (Grand prize) and your story will be aired on KXLY4HD. For more information and how to enter follow the links at the bottom of the page.


Rockwood Clinic

How To Enter:

Fill out the entry located at LINK.

Get Educated:

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