A typical job for a wedding photographer from Rock Island, Illinois, turned into anything but when Snoop Dogg got involved. The chance encounter is now being shared the world over.

Chris Seibel has been taking photos for eight years. Over the course of his time at Allusion Photography, he's shot many weddings.

However, his most recent gig tops them all. Over Labor Day weekend he shot a wedding in Chicago at the Hard Rock Hotel.

"It was a Hindu wedding, beautiful wedding," said Seibel. "Sitting by the window, a couple big armored vehicles pulled up. They were BMWs, you knew something was up. You knew a celebrity was coming in."

That's when Seibel says an unexpected guest arrived at the hotel.

"He was wearing a purple and gold jumpsuit, you knew it was him," said Seibel.

While most wedding crashers tend to get a bad rap, this one was more than welcome to join the party. The guest just so happened to be rapper Snoop Dogg.

"The groom's mom, she's a huge fan, she just grew up with him. She's like, 'I'll do whatever it takes, you got to get him in on the wedding,'" said Seibel.

The couple stood next to Snoop to take a picture that would soon go viral.

"Snoop was laughing so much because my bride and groom wouldn't get close to him. They were so nervous," said Seibel.

Soon after, Snoop posted the picture to Instagram, receiving close to 30,000 likes.

"We took a couple shots and he's like, 'Hey dog,' and he reaches in his pocket, grabs his cellphone and he wanted me to take a couple shots with his own cellphone. That was quite an honor, too," said Seibel.

It was an unforgettable memory that the Mr. and Mrs. will have forever.