Sound Off for January 22: What do you think of the Academy Awards backlash?

Actor Will Smith said he will join his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, in boycotting this year's Oscars. The couple is taking a stand over a lack of diversity. None of the 20 acting nominations, for…

Obama gets emotional


Sound Off for January 5th: How do you feel about President Obama's executive orders on guns?

 President Barack Obama was moved to tears in an unusually emotional display during his announcement of new executive actions on guns. He says that contrary to the claims of some GOP presidential…

Rally held in support of ranchers convicted of arson


Sound Off for January 4th: What are your thoughts on the armed protest in Oregon?

An attorney for two Oregon ranchers whose impending prison sentences led an armed group to take over a national wildlife refuge says they will seek clemency from the president.

New Year's reso

Sound Off for January 1st: What's your New Year's resolution?

Want to keep that New Year's resolution? A new report says it might not be so difficult.

Sound Off for December 31st: What do you think were the top stories of 2015?

It's the end of another, and a time for reflection. Here at KXLY 4 we're reflecting on what we think the top stories of 2015 were.