Zag Fans Camp Out For Rivalry Game

SPOKANE, Wash. - Thursday night's Gonzaga game against St. Mary's is a big one. The players know it, and the students know it. In fact, students have camped out since Tuesday to get the best seats for the rivalry game.

Gonzaga senior Dave Soto was waking up his yelling voice for the game by waking up other students Thursday morning and making sure they're in their tents.

"There's not a lot of places in the country where you can get students to wait outside for two days in 30 degree weather for a basketball game," Soto said.

Soto is the Kennel Club vice president and if he catches students out of their tents they lose their place in line.

Emily White was waiting quietly outside her tent waiting for her tent number to be called by Soto.

"It's kind of just fun to be a part of tent city, just hanging out with everybody," Soto said.

White said she and many other students were buried under blankets overnight to keep warm.

"We have the two sleeping pads because we made sure it's two people per shift, per night, so it's not as boring," White said.

While camping out is nothing new for Gonzaga students, they say this game is different. Gonzaga lost last month at St. Mary's by 21, as the Gael's moved into first place in the West Coast Conference. Students say tonight's game puts Gonzaga's history of dominating the WCC on the line.

"Maybe this is the time we get the revenge," White said of the game.

"(Students need) to harness that energy, that frustration, and unleash it tonight," Dave Soto added.

The game starts at 8 p.m. at the McCarthey Athletic Center. It will be televised on ESPN 2.