Woman hoping Priest Lake mystery might bring closure

PRIEST LAKE, IDAHO - Earlier this week the Bonner County Sheriff's Office pulled a body out of Priest Lake that may have been there for more than 50 years. Now one woman thinks the discovery might help bring her family closure in the wake of a fishing trip in 1945.

Sylvia Konshut doesn?t see what most people see when they look at Priest Lake.

?It hasn't been that enjoyable to go up to that lake anymore,? she says.

In 1945 her dad, uncle and two of their friends went fishing on the lake. They never made it home. The four fishermen got caught in a storm and Sylvia's uncle and her father drowned.

Three months later her uncle?s body was recovered but her father's body is still lost somewhere in Priest Lake.

?Shock, total shock, you get news like that and you just can't comprehend,? she said.

On Wednesday Sylvia found out the sheriff?s office pulled a body out of the lake, a body they think has been down there at least 50 years.

The remains have been sent to Boise State University for DNA analysis to try and figure out who was found in Priest Lake. Now Sylvia Konshut has hope that after all these years she might get the chance to say goodbye to her dad.

?It?s never been closed. Every day he has been laying up there in that lake.?