White separatist's flag display irks Hayden neighbors

HAYDEN, IDAHO - For years North Idaho has been trying to shake a reputation of racism and white supremacy but some people in one Hayden neighborhood say they feel as if one of their neighbors is taking them a step back.

In the front yard of a Hayden home there are three flags flying. On Wednesday afternoon one of the flags flying was an Aryan Nations flag; another was a Nazi SS flag.

The man who lives in the home identifies himself as Mark ? he wouldn?t give his last name ? and is a white separatist. Mark, who moved into the neighborhood two months ago, says if his new neighbors don?t approve of his flags they should just shut their blinds or look away.

?I have every right to hang ?em and fly ?em,? Mark said, explaining flags are "a little bit of white pride."

?I?d rather not live amongst people who are not of my race and culture.?

One of his neighbors a few doors down is Michaela Smith, who said that while his moving boxes were still in his garage the first thing he did was put his flags up.

?I drive down there every single day and it just bothers me,? Michaela said. ?I wish he wouldn?t fly the flags.?

Others however say its Mark's right to fly whatever he wants to fly in his front yard.

?They're entitled to their beliefs, I?m entitled to mine and we share the same street, everything?s great,? neighbor Brenda Stevens said.

?I don?t have a problem with it only because I don?t notice it, I ignore it, to each their own you know? I don?t agree with what they stand for,? Renee Lillis said.

Mark says his flags are his not-so-subtle message that only whites are welcome on his property.

?I would like to say leave me alone and I'll leave you alone,? Mark said.