What's A Good Question?

"I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious." ~Albert Einstein

That quote by Albert Einstein sums up what kxly4's Good Question is all about. There's no agenda; we're simply here to answer your questions about the world and how it works.

Why do you call three goals in a hockey game a 'hat trick'? Why are some people better athletes than others? Why can't some people carry a tune? Why do we still 'fall back'? Why do TV newscasters all seem to talk the same way?

They're the questions you probably wonder about, but never know where to go for the answers. We want to find those answers - not just for you, but along with you.

Instead of a typical news story, Good Question will take you along as we find out the answers to your most pressing - or, most pointless - questions. We'll talk to experts in our community who study this stuff for a living and we'll talk to your friends and neighbors about those questions, too.

The segment relies totally on you! Send us your questions and we'll see what we can find out - together. Let us be your human Google - and, let's explore those Good Questions together!