Vandals have no right to bear limbs

COEUR D'ALENE - Vandals in Coeur d?Alene took the ?Right to Bear Arms? way too literally recently when someone used a saw to cut a wooden Grizzly Bear statue off at the ankles at a neighborhood park.

Around Coeur d?Alene there are a half dozen wood carved statues including a majestic nine-foot tall Grizzly standing watch at Bryan Field.

?Everybody likes it, I don't know why somebody would want to cut it down,? neighborhood resident Jean LaForge said.

But Tuesday morning a (dare we say) grisly discovery was made by a parks department employee.

?One of our employees was making the rounds Tuesday morning and happened to see some fresh sawdust around Woodrow B. Grizz," Coeur d?Alene Parks Director Doug Eastwood said.

Traces of sawdust sit in the dirt around Woodrow where someone used a saw to cut into the bear's limbs.

?I think over a period of time they got tired of doing it or somebody came along down the sidewalk and they got scared and ran off,? Eastwood said.

Woodrow, who was carved in 2004, is what?s left of a dying Ponderosa Pine that once stood in its place, a work of art targeted by vandals. Now it?s up to the parks department to right this wrong and fortify the statue.

?We have to either finish the job they started or will have to pin and dowel it back together or create some kind of brace to wrap around those ankles and lag them in," Eastwood said.

If the damage isn't repairable, the parks department might have to put Woodrow B. Grizz out of his misery, though that would be a last resort. If you know anything about the violating perpetrated against Woodrow B. Grizz you're asked to call either the Coeur d'Alene Police or the city parks department.