Vandal scratches up Vet's car for not being handicapped enough

COEUR D'ALENE - A North Idaho resident served in the Army and retired with honor. Years as a paratrooper took its toll however and he got handicapped plates for his car. Now police are investigating vandalism done to the man?s car by someone who believes this veteran isn?t handicapped enough.

Kurt, who doesn?t want his last name revealed, is an Army veteran who served for 26 years across the world. He parachuted everywhere from Central America to the Middle East during his service; when he finally stopped jumping out of airplanes he had 3012 jumps under his belt.

However more than two decades of jumping out of aircraft will catch up with a person, and Kurt was no exception.

?With the number of jumps I have, my ankles are shot, my knees are gone, a toe, my back, my shoulder's full of metal it required three years of surgeries,? he said.

So in 1999 Kurt applied for and received a handicapped placard for his vehicle.

?It?s not like you get a handicapped placard out of a vending machine,? he said.

Two Sunday ago Kurt and his wife went to the Chili?s Restaurant in Hayden, parked in a handicapped spot and walked inside to eat. An hour later they came out to find Kurt?s car had a nice scratch across the hood.

Then he saw the note, tucked under his windshield wipers.

?[It] said that they thought I was too mobile to be issued a handicapped placard and that I should be ashamed of myself.?

?I read the note and that made me mad,? he said.

The Coeur d?Alene Police have the note and is now investigating the vandalism done to Kurt?s car.

?For some citizen to punish you because they don't think you're deserving it doesn't bode well for anybody out there,? he said.

If caught the perpetrator who scratched up Kurt?s car will face misdemeanor charges of Vandalism Malicious Injury.