Union Gospel Mission Needs Thanksgiving Turkeys

SPOKANE, Wash. - Charities around the Inland Northwest are in need of donations as the holiday season approaches.

Making 90 gallons of gravy can be hard and even harder on Chef Kenny Shockley if there's not enough food to soak it all up or even serve with it. The fact is the Union Gospel Mission needs 100 turkeys fast for its city-wide Thanksgiving feast.

"We will get the turkeys, God has always blessed us," Shockley said.

The mission has only received about 20 turkeys for its Thanksgiving eve feast. Chefs have started cooking and slicing up what they have, but they need about 100 more because the need in the community is growing.

"More and more families are a paycheck away from being homeless and they're not making ends meet. So we've expanded to not just a homeless population, but Spokane's working poor," Laurie Willson of the Union Gospel Mission said.

800 people are expected to dine at the Spokane Convention Center next Wednesday, and Laurie Willson is one person who helps make it special.

"The convention center, it feels just like a beautiful restaurant and we have beautiful lights that are kind of dim and have an ambiance and we decorate the tables with linens and centerpieces," Willson said.

It may be a tall order but it's one they're proud to make, with your help.

"Just people that are hurting, down and out, and have got no place to go and are going to be all alone on thanksgiving. That's where we try and help out," Shockley said.

If you'd like to donate a turkey, they're asking for ones between 15 and 20 pounds. You can bring them directly to the Union Gospel Mission near the intersection of Trent and Spokane Falls.

Doors open for the dinner next Wednesday at 3:30 p.m. at the Convention Center and the dinner runs from 4 to 6 p.m.