Two Coeur d'Alene Middle Schools Considering Dress Code

COEUR D'ALENE, Idaho - Some parents say uniforms have no place in public schools as two middle schools in Coeur d'Alene are considering uniform dress codes for next year.

A community task force that focuses on student behavior and conduct suggested taking a look at some type of uniform dress codes in middle schools. It's a discussion that's sparked debate among parents.

Audra McClintock knows how important it is for her daughter to pick out her outfits for school. But McClintock says if her daughter's choices of what to wear are taken away, "it would not help her want to do good in school because she wouldn't think she looks her best."

Woodland and Canfield Middle Schools are discussing the idea of some type of uniform dress code for next year.

"All the kids aren't going to look exactly the same; it's not a uniform as we normally think as a uniform." Woodland Principal Chris Hammons said.

The schools are looking at a dress code that includes t-shirts and Polo shirts in several different colors with some type of school logo. Kids would be allowed to wear jeans with no holes, khakis, and shorts and skirts that reach the knee.

"It kind of blends the social line really well. Everyone feels no one is really different," Hammons said.

Hammons also thinks the dress code will help mitigate discipline problems and get rid of some peer pressure. But some parents think any uniform would rob their kids of their individuality and wouldn't stop bullying.

"Kids don't need a reason of what a kid is wearing to pick on another kid," Audra McClintock said, adding that the school would be crossing a line.

"They can have a dress code, they can have a really strict dress, but it's up to parents to buy what we want to buy for our kids," she said.