Turkey-Nomics: Keeping Thanksgiving Costs Down

SPOKANE, Wash. - Thanksgiving is right around the corner and this year's meal may be more expensive than last year.

As people go out and shop for food this Thanksgiving, people will need to shop smarter, and prioritize thanksgiving menus.

The traditional feast for six to eight people is up around 10 percent from last year, to $44.10. In 2000 it was $32.37 and in 1995 the average Thanksgiving meal cost families $29.64.

The main reason for the price increase this year is the turkey. Because of low production and high corn prices, turkeys will likely cost 20 percent more this year than last.

Other items seeing a increase this year is pumpkin pie mix, which is up $.50 from last year. Frozen vegetables are also up $.65 from last year.

The answer may be in store coupons.

First, shoppers should look for ads, either this week or next, stores will have ads for thanksgiving foods. Second, people should look for coupons to combine with those ads because shoppers could get double savings that way. Third, look for combo deals because many stores say if you buy $50 of groceries you get a massive discount on the turkey.

Alos, studies show that most families get a turkey that is way too big so people shouldn't buy a giant 20 dollar turkey if you won't eat a giant 20 dollar turkey

People can also cut costs by not buying food that people dislike.