TSA to begin hand swabbing as new security measure

SPOKANE - Next time you go to the airport you could be asked to show your hands as you pass through the security line. The Transportation Safety Administration will begin randomly swabbing passengers? hands to find explosives.

In the past, security screeners would wipe down bags and carry-on luggage to check for explosive residue, but now they will also wipe down passengers? hands.

The new security measure is in response to the failed bombing on Christmas Day, when a man attempted to set off a bomb in his underwear while on a plane over the skies of Detroit.

New portable machines are making it easier to conduct the tests away from security checkpoints, so travelers can expect to be approached by the TSA anywhere in the airport to be swabbed.

Privacy advocates are okay with the extra security, but will be watching to make sure screeners aren?t screening for drugs just explosives, and don?t discriminate on who they choose for testing.

The TSA says the new security measure should not contribute to wait times at security checkpoints.