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Crews race to complete emergency pothole paving

I-90 Potholes

Instead of just patching the potholes along Interstate 90 in Coeur d'Alene, the Idaho Transportation Department has hired a contractor to come in, grind down the heavily damaged lanes and then resurface them.

  That's because our recent thaw has turned this stretch of I-90 into multiple section of pock-marked pavement. It's not just a pot hole here and there, but more like interstate Swiss cheese.

"What happened is when it was such a wet fall and then that month of deep freeze, it just kind of shoved the asphalt up through and then you get this thawing that happens and it's basically a recipe for potholes," said Mike Lenz from the Idaho Transportation Department.

But "these" are potholes you hit at freeway speeds. We're talking about more than just spilling your coffee...
these series of craters could cause you to bounce right out of control.

"When you're doing 65 miles an hour and hit a pothole it can throw you around. That was kind of the number one factor that pushed us into going forward with this emergency paving operation", said Lenz.

  The thaw in our weather has done so much damage to parts of I-90 it doesn't make sense to fill the potholes.

  The Idaho Transportation Department has hired a contractor to take out the crater-laced travel lane back to its first layer of asphalt and then re-pave the whole section.

"The problem we have right now is our work force is in plow trucks and de-icers and trying to juggle both of them is a real task so we're going to contract this out and try to make an emergency," said Lenz.

Transportation officials are going the extra mile for drivers doing lane closures overnight in the hopes of avoiding repair- related traffic jams.

It will take a couple of days for the contractor to grind out and resurface the damaged lanes but even when the repairs are over, tis the season for potholes.