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4 Things To Know For Thursday March 16

4 Things To Know For March 16

Floodwaters continue to rise around the area. The ground is so saturated in some neighborhoods that there isn’t anywhere for the water to go.

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Governor Jay Inslee has declared a state of emergency for 28 counties affected by winter storms.

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The closure of State Route 5 is getting more complicated for drivers traveling between Plummer and Saint Maries. Conkling Road is now closed too because of wash out conditions. It was the road locals were using as a detour through Heyburn State Park between the two towns.Commercial vehicles are being rerouted from Plummer, north to I-90. 

Bonner County Emergency management posted to it's Facebook page that all roads in the county are compromised to some degree.
If you see any serious issues with roads, you can call 208-255-5681.

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