Titanic artifact exhibition opens Saturday

Titanic artifact exhibition opens...

SPOKANE, Wash. - The highly-anticipated Titanic Artifact Exhibit opens at the Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture Saturday, showcasing the incredible story of the world's largest ship that sank after hitting an iceberg more than 100 years ago.

Wes Jessup, Executive Director of the museum said, “This is a major exhibition. Items that were on the ship that have been recovered over the last twenty, thirty years.”

Over 100 artifacts in near perfect condition reveal what life was like on board even though
recovering items from the ship itself is strictly off limits out of respect for those who's lives were lost.

“The ship kind of broke in two and kind of went in to two different directions so there was a lot of distance between the two pieces. That's where they found the artifacts you see in this exhibition,” Jessup explained.

While you can't touch the artifacts, you do have the chance to get your hands on an iceberg.

The museum has also built out replicas of the rooms aboard the ship. There are examples of a First Class Cabin, which would have cost $57,000 today, and a Third Class Cabin.

You can purchase tickets here.

Purchasing in advance gives you the opportunity to choose your visit time. Members of the Museum get in free.