Three Spokane golf courses set to open this week

SPOKANE - Check the date on the calendar. Yes, it?s February 15th. But that makes no difference to three local golf courses that plan on opening up on Wednesday.

It was announced Monday by the Spokane Park and Recreation that golf season will officially begin at three Spokane golf courses. That means starting Wednesday you?ll be able to play a full 18 holes at Downriver, Esmeralda or Qualchan.

Last year at this time you'd be hard pressed to see a patch of green under all the snow we had, this year, just the opposite. Pending any significant weather issues, you can expect to hit the links come Wednesday.

Buzz Adams started patrolling and prepping the links at Qualchan at 8 a.m. Monday for the early opening of golf season. A retired US postal worker Buzz jokingly says he now gets paid to watch the grass grow.

While Buzz watches the grass grow Golf Course Superintendent Fred Marchant gets paid to watch the forecast, with an emphasis on the lows verses the highs The longer it stays cold, the less time the ground has thaw and dry out.

?Since last Thursday we've had a half inch of rain so that's not good because that sets you back, we firmed up when were dry then every time it rains it sets us back a little bit so we'll keep touring the golf course and checking for dampness then we'll make a decision,? Marchant said.

Fred says conditions won't be ideal but considering last years late start this year shows great promise.

?It?s spring golf, it's way early so people understand the course might be a little bit messy here and there just because it's gonna take some time to get it all cleaned up past that, you just put some holes in the ground and put the tee markers out and ready to go,? he said.

Tee times can be scheduled starting Tuesday. Just $25 will get you 18 holes of golf.

~For tee times at Downriver call 327-5269 ~For tee times at Esmeralda call 487-6291 ~For tee times at Qualchan call 448-9317

The Parks Department says Indian Canyon Golf Course will open at a later date as weather permits.