Theft suspect caught with $26K stuffed in bra

SPOKANE - A woman arrested as part of a team of suspected forgers who attempted to bilk thousands of dollars of cash from local banks was booked into the Spokane County Jail, where jail employees found she stuffed her bra with $26,000.

Detectives say it appears a group of people had traveled across the state and was staying in hotels as they used fake IDs to con banks out of their money.

On Friday a team of thieves started trying to get some very large cash advances using a stolen credit card at a series of banks here in Spokane. While one teller fell for the scam, handing over $8,000 at another bank Washington Trust employees suspected forgery and called deputies.

Among the group of thieves was Lukeisha Harris, who apparently didn?t want to leave all that ill-gotten loot laying around so she stuffed her bra with cash.

By the time police officers arrived the group had moved on to the Chase Bank at Northpointe where deputies arrested 25-year-old Corey Jones, 24-year-old Lukeisha A. Harris, and 23-year-old Elicionne L. Washington for first degree theft.

This group?s next mistake was to lie about their identities.

?Both give the same name of Aurora Wright. Well that doesn't work out in our book, so we say lets see some ID, oh its in my bible in the car, they open up the bible and a whole bunch of IDs fall out of the bible,? Spokane County Sheriff Sergeant Dave Reagan said.

Once Lukeisha Harris was in the jail's booking area corrections staff realized she had stashed some of the loot in her bra.

?At that point a female corrections deputy escorted Harris to a private cell where the officer unstrapped an avalanche of cash,? SGT. Reagan said.

When the counting was complete officers had recovered just shy of $26,000 which apparently Harris had no problem concealing from those deputies who first arrested her.

?Well as I understand it, this is a very large suspect. She was described by bank tellers as heavy set. The police report indicated that she was six foot and 400 pounds,? SGT. Reagan said.