Text Messages Spell Out Feist Murder Plot

COLVILLE, Wash. - Text messages show three people in Stevens County planned to kill 63-year-old Gordon Feist with a gun or baseball bats, and two of those people appeared in court Tuesday.

Both of the two new defendants in the Feist murder case, 25-year-old Collette Pierce and 27-year-old Jesse James Fellman-Shimmin, pleaded not guilty on both 1st and 2nd degree murder charges.

During the hearing it was revealed that one of the defendants has a plea agreement with prosecutors.

In July authorities found Feist's ATV crashed into a telephone pole on a dirt road near his home. Feist was nearby and had been shot twice in the head.

Police arrested Eric Booth and charged him with murder. Feist's wife Denise couldn't understand why anyone would want to hurt the man she described as both giving and caring.

"How could he do something like that? It was pitiful actually. I just don't understand," she said.

Now authorities are saying Booth didn't act alone and that both Pierce and Fellman-Shimmin were also there.

Deputies say they arrived at Feist's home with a story about their car running out of gas. When Feist grabbed a gas can and drove the three down the street in his ATV, that's when deputies say Booth pulled a gun and shot Feist twice in the head.

"He would have given him everything he had plus extra. You know, he just was like that," Denise said.

Court records show that all three suspects texted each other about their plans to rob and possibly shoot Feist. On July 17 Fellman-Shimmin texted booth discussing Feist's home and wrote "wut then that sounds easy! Lets do this."

That same night Pierce texted Booth and wrote "i'm thinking noone will hear the shots over this thunder lol."

Booth responded with: "yea if we can use bats it will be better."

Injuries he sustained in the ATV crash eventually led to Booth's arrest.

Both Pierce and Fellman-Shimmin had their bonds set at $750,000 and are scheduled to be back in court in October.