Teen Admits Stabbing Pregnant Girlfriend

SPOKANE - A Spokane Valley teen with a history of crime and mental health problems is now suspected of stabbing his pregnant girlfriend to death.

Robbie Bishop's bond was set at $1 Million as the court is concerned about public safety and what happens when there's not enough room at Eastern State Hospital to house mentally ill and sometimes dangerous people.

Bishop, 19, was in court on different charges back in April but released because he wasn't competent to stand trial. Now a woman is dead in part because local mental health programs don't get enough funding.

Meanwhile Bishop admits stabbing his girlfriend inside a trailer Saturday night but insists he was acting in self defense.                                                                                                              

"I went to the kitchen and that's when she came at me again and that's when I took her to the ground and that's when I stabbed her," Bishop said in a jailhouse interview.

He then called a relative who in turn phoned 9-1-1. Arriving police officers found Robin Anderson with a knife in her back while Bishop was hiding in a nearby boat. When he was arrested Bishop wouldn't talk to officers but Monday said he and his girlfriend where fighting over who would get custody of their child when it was born.

"I was telling her that I was going to get custody of my son, but she says I can't because of my record," Bishop said.

That record includes being arrested in June for setting a fire at Adams Elementary and last December for burglary, theft and malicious mischief.

Doctors at Eastern found Bishop to be mildly retarded and not competent to stand trial but did not have bed space to treat him yet Bishop say it's his girlfriend who was mentally ill and that's why she attacked him on Saturday.

"I went to the kitchen and I went to go put up my hand again to catch her and she stabbed me in the knuckle and cause some damage and that's when I freaked out and I threw her on the ground and I took the knife from her and I started stabbing her," he said.

Bishop's wounds on his hands do appear to be defensive in nature but detectives say the victim was stabbed at least 20 times and with more than just the one knife he says he took away from the victim.

While only suspected right now of killing Robin Anderson, Bishop could face additional charges for allegedly killing the unborn son this couple was apparently fighting over.