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Cancer goggles

Doctors unveil cancer-seeing goggles

Doctors at Washington University have a new tool to fight cancer -- cancer-seeing goggles.

Lunar eclipse view


Sky watchers catch glimpse of lunar eclipse

In Los Angeles, thousands went to the Griffith Observatory to watch a lunar eclipse early Tuesday morning, which featured a rare "blood moon."

Ping box

What does a ping sound like?

Remember the days when we pretended to listen to the sea in a seashell?

Building turned into Tetris game


On camera: Giant 'Tetris' game played on building

The world's largest game of "Tetris" was played on the side of a Philadelphia skyscraper in honor of the game's 30th anniversary.

Airplane black box


Look inside an airplane's black box

An airplane's flight data recorder can tell investigators all kinds of information, including whether there was a sudden altitude change and who might have altered a plane's path.


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