Suspect Identified In Deadly Hit-And-Run

SPOKANE, Wash. - A suspect was identified Friday in the hit-and-run collision that gravely injured Spokane resident Dennis Widener on June 23.

The suspect, a teenage female, is cooperating with authorities and a car has been impounded.

According to the search warrant, on June 23, the day of the crash, the suspect called a friend and admitted they hit a bicyclist. The friend tried to convince the suspect to go to police, but the suspect said they were too scared.

The suspect later became aware that Widener passed away but still didn't turn herself in. A friend of the suspect came forward and provided information to Spokane Police linking the suspect to the crash.

A detective went to the suspect's house Friday and impounded a car. A paint chip on Widener's bicycle matches the suspect's car, which has damage to the front left corner and windshield.

Widener, 66, was hit by a car near the intersection of Garland and Division early one morning June. While he seemed to be doing well during his recovery he died in early July from complications as a result of that collision.

He had been biking because he suffered from emphysema and was trying to get more exercise on his doctor's orders. When he was hit by the vehicle he was within several blocks of his home and suffered five crushed ribs and multiple fractures. Widener spent several weeks recovering when, in early July, a blood clot traveled to his heart, killing him almost instantly.

Helen Widener, Dennis' widow, said in early July that she didn't want revenge for her husband's death but she did want whoever was responsible to pay publicly for their actions.

"He took my world, but I don't want revenge, I don't think I want revenge, I want him caught, I want him publicly humiliated for being the coward that he is to leave a man in the street like that," Helen said.

The suspect, who has no criminal history, has not been charged with any crime and is cooperating with authorities.