Students Rally Against East Spokane Library Closure

SPOKANE, Wash. - The fate of Spokane's East Side Library is up in the air and community members young and old are rallying to keep the doors open at the branch.

The Spokane Library Board of Trustees is considering closing down the library to help balance a projected budget shortfall, and Monday evening students from Sheridan and Grant Elementary schools are protesting with signs in hand to keep their neighborhood's library open.

The protest was organized by community members who want the library to stay open in east Spokane, where many neighbors don't want to see the library branch fall victim to the city's budget woes.

The library board of trustees is facing a half-million dollar budget shortfall next year and one solution is closing the library branch that was built under a voter approved property tax back in 1990.

Shutting the library branch's doors would save the city only $150,000 and many residents think there's got to be a better cost cutting solution. The library board counters that branch is used the least and is also within three miles of two other library branches.

The Spokane City Council will talk about the proposed closure at their meeting Monday night; students who rallied in support of the library Monday afternoon plan to attend the meeting in protest the proposed closure.