Student testimony in court documents paint chilling picture of school shooting

Student testimony in court documents...

SPOKANE, Wash. -  

It was as normal a day as any at Freeman High School, students were in the hallways heading to their classes. Then the sound of gunfire ripped through the building. At first there was disbelief, followed by confusion and then a grim understanding of the danger they were in and the survival instincts to do what they had to do. 

In the court documents students painted a chilling picture of what happened inside the school. One students said she had been talking with her friend when the shots were fired, at first she thought it was a firework or a prank. Another student said he was close enough to the shooter to see the flashes from the gun. Another described the moment he saw the shooter holding a gun to a fellow students head. That student was Sam Strahan who died in the shooting. Three others were injured. 

Fearing for their lives, several students described how they ran into teachers classrooms, closets or out of the school itself. One ran across school grounds to the elementary school after shots were fired. 

The court document also had testimony from the bus driver who drove Caleb Sharpe, the admitted shooter, to Freeman the day of the shooting. Many asked how she didn't notice him carrying a big bag containing his guns. According to the court documents Sharpe had told her the week prior that he would be bringing his golf clubs to school that day and she was aware that he played golf, although usually during the spring. It didn't really raise a red flag when he showed up with the bag.