Stuck in traffic angry driver throws profanity and punches

SPOKANE - Thursday morning traffic was backed up and at a standstill on the Interstate when out of the blue one driver got out of his car, walked up to another car and started throwing profanity and punches at the other driver.

As Cody Balka and his fiancée were driving into Spokane to pick up a prescription he says another driver picked a fight.

?Guy behind us flipping us off and trying to hurry us along,? Balka said.

For five miles Balka and his fiancée endured tailgating and profanity tossed at them from another car. Then the other driver decided to up the ante.

?He got out of his car, ran across and started yelling at me, reached in and tried to hit me,? Balka said.

So Cody called 911 and police arrested Scott Cramer within a couple of blocks from the scene. Cramer claimed that Balka got out of his car and tried to start a fight with him.

Unfortunately for Cramer his version of what happened - that Balka got out of the car to start a fight with him - contains one slight discrepancy: Balka?s legs were ripped off when a driver ran into him north of Moscow, Idaho five months ago.

?I was asleep for three months and I woke up and my life was changed. It's not something that I want anyone to every go through, ever,? Balka said.

With the help of prosthetics Balka relearned to walk; unfortunately because of Cramer he won?t be able to use those prosthetics again for a while.

?He grabbed me and pulled me in and that?s where my shin bottom part of what?s left of my leg got hurt,? he said.

He says at least Scott Cramer was arrested; police are still looking for person who hit him in December. Cramer was arrested and charged with assault and reckless driving.