Stolen Sasquatch Found At Medical Lake High School

SPOKANE, Wash. - A downtown Spokane business will get its stolen Bigfoot back. The 8-foot tall, 300 pound Sasquatch was found at Medical Lake High School Wednesday night.

Biggie the Bigfoot is the mascot of Roost, a home decor store in downtown Spokane.

Under Biggie's steel facade store owners Joy Arch and Dina Kieffer say he is kind and sensitive.

He was attached to the exterior wall of the business, which is to say he was bolted to the wall, and somehow, even though he's gigantic and weighs a lot, someone got the urge to Bigfoot-nap him.

Under the cover of darkness someone took Biggie. They cut chains attached to his feet, then pulled lag bolts out of the wall with a truck and somehow hauled Biggie away.

"You know drilled in with like 4 inch bolts, a super thick chain, no it's, we didn't think we were ever gonna have a problem with somebody taking him," Arch said.

"Not an easy feat, probably required three people and a big truck," she said.

Police are still unsure who stole Biggie, but his owners are happy they will soon be reunited.

Now you might not believe that Bigfoot is real, but according to a new Pemco Insurance Northwest poll, one of your neighbors probably does.

The Pemco poll shows four out of every 10 people in Washington believe the hairy beast is real while one in 10 people say they've either seen Sasquatch or know someone who has.

Meanwhile, if you know who may be responsible for this Bigfoot-napping, you're asked to call Crime Check at 456-2233.