State shuts down South Hill daycare

SPOKANE - State officials have shut down a South Hill day care center after one of the owners was arrested for lewd conduct with a teenage girl.

The Washington Department of Early Learning wasted little time ordering ?Your [sic] a Good Kid?, an in-home daycare located on the South Hill to have all of the children being watched vacated the premises.

Concerned parents started showing up at the daycare at about 3 p.m. Monday to pick up their kids and are now having to find a potentially long-term solution for their daycare needs.

The problems for ?Your [sic] a Good Kid? started back on April 7th when Adam Ross was arrested for having lewd conduct with a teenage girl in Post Falls. Ross is the husband of the daycare?s owner and the alleged offense did not happen at the daycare where the kids are more of a preschool age and Ross' wife is the primary care provider.

However because Ross sometimes is around the children the state has suspended the facility's license and showed up to issue their summary suspension Monday. Right now the only kids staying at the residence are relatives but just the same their parents had to come pick them up.

Neighbors say Adam Ross, who also goes by the name of Cary, was less than friendly.

The licensee of the facility is also in trouble for not reporting that her husband had been arrested although her relatives say the wife just learned about the charges out of Post Falls.

Before the suspension Monday ?Your [sic] a Good Kid? daycare was already on probation for what the state termed environmental issues on site.