Stark Gets 50 Years For Husband's Slaying

SPOKANE - Despite appeals for a new trial and claims of a new witness, Judge Tari Eitzen moved forward with sentencing convicted killer Shellye Stark for the murder of her husband.

Stark was sentenced to 610 months in prison for the slaying of her estranged husband Dale Stark, who she shot three times in the back after he returned home from a business trip in December of 2007.

During Thursday's sentencing hearing Stark attempted a battery of appeals for new trials and claims of new testimony from a new witness, but Judge Eitzen rebuffed her advances and pressed forward with her sentencing.

Stark's attorney asked for a lesser sentence of 25 years but Judge Eitzen agreed with prosecutors' recommendation that Stark receive the maximum sentence which is roughly equivalent to 50 years and eight months in prison.

Shellye Stark acknowledged this was a life sentence for her because she will be in her 90s when she's finally released from prison. Stark had tears in her eyes during much of her sentencing.

"I would like to say ever since that moment I have been deeply remorseful," Stark told the court. "I offer no excuse but nothing but regret and remorse and it is from the bottom of my heart I say I miss my husband. I wanted him to be happy."

She cried as she apologized to her husband's family and then cried when Dale's friend Richard Terzieff asked Judge Eitzen to give Shellye a life sentence.

"The defendant cowardly shot him in the back and finished him off while he was on the ground," Terzieff said.

"Do I think she would do this again, yes I believe without a reasonable doubt she would if provoked not hesitate to murder again," Brandi Hicking said.

Stark then cried again the victim impact statements ended and Judge Eitzen read her sentence.

She now has 30 days to appeal her sentencing.