Squirrels threaten boy's livelihood

SPOKANE - A Spokane mother says she doesn't feel safe letting her child outside to play in the yard because of squirrels. Michelle Areta says those squirrels leave nuts in the yard of her home; nuts that her son is deathly allergic to.

Michelle has a tougher job than most mothers as her two-year-old son Niema has a very severe peanut allergy that could kill him.

?Dairy Queen used to be fun, everybody pile in the car, lets go have Dairy Queen, we would never bring him to Dairy Queen now we would have to wipe down floors high chairs everything. Niema's only safe places are his home and his grandma's home,? Michelle said.

Now the backyard isn?t safe anymore.

?We have seen a little squirrel holding a little peanut running around,? Michelle said, adding that people feed the squirrels peanuts and then they leave them in places like her mom?s backyard.

?Just down the street you might have a child with an allergy and life threatening allergy and if a squirrel transported that peanut which seems very harmless it actually could be fatal,? Michelle said.

Now every time Niema goes outside the yard has to be gone through like a fine tooth comb.

?Almost like a little search party we walk and do the grid up and down the yard,? Michelle said.

In the end all Michelle wants is for her son to be safe.

?It would be really comforting to know that our home we have made peanut free carries out to the yard that we have made peanut free,? she said.