Spokane's newest pool springs a leak

SPOKANE - Witter Pool in East Spokane should have opened on Monday but the pool is bone dry after it sprang leak, leaving crews scrambling to find and patch the problem.

The city discovered the problem at Spokane's newest pool Friday when the water level started dropping. All the water has since drained out of the pool Pool maintenance workers have conducted die tests to find the leak but have not been successful. City Aquatics Supervisor Carl Strong speculated it could be a piping problem.

"It may be due to the winter, it may not, we don't know," Strong said. "We will find the leak, we hope to do it soon, in a week or so? I'm really hoping, at the very least, we open for our regular season on June 14th."

Witter is the only 50-meter competition pool in the area so crews are now working to get Comstock Pool on the South Hill ready for Monday for pre-season swim activities such as scheduled lifeguard training and other activities already planned to be held at Witter.

"The pool is smaller so we won't be able to do as much, but we will do as much as we can," Strong said. "We have to be creative with how we program it and how we schedule our programs."

Fixing the leak will not cost the city any additional money, as it's the contractor's responsibility to find and fix the leak, absorbing any additional construction costs in the process of getting the pool ready for the city swimming season, which officially starts June 14th.

Crews will begin fixing Witter Pool Thursday, and it's estimated that the repair could take up to two weeks with another week needed to fill the pool with water and bring it up to the correct temperature.