Spokane teen dies in single car crash on West Monroe Road

SPOKANE - In less than a month two teens have died on the same stretch of Spokane County road, the latest crash happening this last Sunday on West Monroe Road.

Sunday morning Sally Cudney woke up to the sound of 19-year-old Sammy Alurfali crashing his car.

?We heard this horrendous noise ? it sounded like an earthquake,? she said.

Spokane County Sheriff deputies say Sammy Alurfali, a former Mead High School student who was a freshman at Western Washington University, was driving about 70 miles an hour in a 45 mile an hour zone when he lost control going around a blind curve and rolled his car. Sammy wasn?t wearing a seatbelt and died in Sally Cudney?s front yard.

Only a mile away on December 5th Kaylene Palaniuk died in a car crash. She lost control on an icy section of roadway and crashed into a tree. She was killed instantly.

Sally Cudney hopes these crashes serve to remind drivers along West Monroe Road to be safety conscious behind the wheel.

?I don?t think they think about it. I think they know they can go fast and maybe because there?s no other cars out here they feel safe doing it, but they?re not safe, it?s not a safe road to go faster,? she said.