Spokane Restaurant Serves Up Controversy

SPOKANE, Wash. - A new restaurant in downtown Spokane, specializing in gourmet hot dogs, is getting heat for its logo.

"I'm surprised people are talking about it and it's creating the controversy that it is," said Serena Belsby, co-owner of Wild Dawgs.

Esteban Vallejo, also owns the restaurant and designed the logo himself.

The logo features a female comic book character eating a hot dog. The "W" in Wild Dawgs appears to have a double meaning.

"And yeah , she has breasts, breasts are beautiful, it's part of being a woman ," said Belsby.

"It wasn't any intention to be naughty or to be offensive against people it was just trying to be fun," said Vallejo.

Some however believe the logo is very intentional.

"If they don't think that's intentional, that's intentional," said Sean Wilson, after viewing the logo for the first time.

"I appreciate their boldness but I'm pretty sure it's intentional," he said.

"I think it's inappropriate," said one man downtown.

"Again, it's what you want to see," said Vallejo.

"If you want to see something dirty you can see it, but otherwise my intention was just a lady eating a hot dog," he said.

Belsby said the owner of the building has now asked them to take down their sign.

"I don't know we'll see what the verdict is, what's going to happen," said Belsby.

And that's why Katie Wilcox and Luke Canady bought Wild Dawgs t-shirts before the logo is taken down.

"It's definitely eye catching and it's just kind of fun," said Luke Canady.

"We wanted a piece of Spokane history," said Katie Wilcox.

"I think people just need to come in and try our food and maybe they will actually start talking about our food instead of the logo," said Vallejo.