SPOKANE, Wash. -

The Yale Road Fire has destroyed homes in south Spokane County but the disaster has also had the side effect of bringing neighbors closer together and making their community stronger.

Overnight the Yale Road Fire grew by 1,500 acres, chewing up a mixture of timber and farmland, and fire crews have been supported by local residents and farmers who are fighting to save their land and homes.

When JJ Anderson came out to check on his brother's home he found neighbors already hard at work. He didn't think twice about pitching in to help them.

“I'm about to go put that out. Just been rustling up actually. Just kind of keeping the ashes from spreading really," Anderson said.

Like JJ, Richard Peterson also received a phone call for help Sunday night.

“Jumped in the car as fast as we could to get here. Didn't know what was going on except there was a huge fire near our house," Peterson said.

This isn't the first fire has crept up close to Peterson's home, and he's happy there's plenty of defensible space providing a buffer from the flames.

“We have open fields, alfalfa. No, I don't really have any problems with that fire," he said.

“It's still tinder dry out here and we have active fire behind me. So that in conjunction with any type of wind is going to keep the fire active," Washington State Patrol Trooper Jeff Sevigney said.

Sevigney volunteers as a firefighter and has seen plenty but the Yale Road Fire hit him close to home.

“I live in this neighborhood so folks here, you know, I know personally and many of them lost everything, but the community will overcome and already has in several cases where folks have been helping out. The farmers are just an example of that, but that has happened throughout the community and will continue to do so," Sevigney said.

This close community is showing their spirit during through this tragedy, grateful that so far property is all that's been lost.