Slow down and pay attention – that's the message Washington State Patrol (WSP) is attempting to get across to drivers on State Route 291. WSP will have extra motorcycle patrols on 291 looking for speeders and inattentive drivers.

The troopers aren't trying to ruin your day, though they know that will happen to some people. They're attempting to keep the community safe, and a lot of folks living out near Nine Mile Falls are actually giving them quite a bit of positive feedback

There's a quick speed change – 50 mph to 35 mph - just before Lyons on 291. Some people don't notice the change because they just aren't paying attention.

“We all get busy, we lose track of where we are, what we are doing, and today they're just happens to be a whole bunch of motorcycle officers looking for those people,” said Washington State Patrol Trooper Jeff Sevigney.

The motor unit for WSP district four is comprised of six troopers. They travel the district and like to make a big presence like they did Thursday morning, reminding drivers that they're driving a giant piece of steal that has the potential to kill.

“We all get complacent,” said Trooper Sevigney. “We kind of take driving for granted. But the little things like adhering to the posted speed limit, keeping your seat belt fastened, and not talking on your cell phone today are going to save you a lot of money.”

A speeding ticket is going to cost you $136. Believe it or not, it's a fine these guys take no joy in handing out.