SPOKANE, Wash. -

With only 95 shopping days until Christmas, retailers have started hiring holiday help. And, if you do it right, you can turn that short-term gig into a full-time job.

In stores, seasonal hiring is mostly flat, but that still means companies like Target plan to hire 70,000 people natoinwide to staff stores during the holiday season. To handle the steady rise in online orders, Target plans to hire more people than last year - 7,500 - for its distribution centers.

UPS will also hire 95,000 seasonal workers this year. And, even though Macy's has closed stores this year, it still needs 83,000 employees to staff its 880 stores over the holidays.

The good news for job seekers: companies say they hire 40% of seasonal workers to work full-time after the holidays. Experts say the key to joining that 40% is to treat your short-term job as a long-term interview. Be enthusiastic, be available to work extra shifts, be on time and make it clear that you want the job after the new year. You'll have an automatic advantage over employees who have no history with the company.