Strandberg's attorney's response to Northern Quest's statement:

Nobody should be made to feel ugly, inadequate, insecure, or that they cannot perform their job, due to the length of their hair. No employer should be more concerned about their exterior image than the extraordinary value and courage of Melanie’s actions to support her sister with cancer.

It’s important that the public is aware that Melanie worked through all of the appropriate channels at her job, and within the human resources department, to solve the situation.  She was told she would “offend” customers and would be unable to sell products or perform her job due to the length of her hair. 

Northern Quest has already acknowledged that telling Melanie she was insubordinate, and forcing her to reign, was wrong, but actions speak louder than words.  Northern Quest needs to show that their core values do not end at the community should be proud of a person like Melanie Strandberg.  Anyone would be proud to call her their sister, their daughter, their co-worker, their mom, their friend.  Beauty comes from within.

Melanie Strandberg’s actions in support of her sister with cancer was not an act of defiance, but an act of love.