A 60 year old woman has been booked into jail on a charge of second degree murder in connection with a man's death in Deer Park.

Michael Ahlstrom was found under a tarp Wednesday night at a home on Meadowmere Way in Deer Park.

When investigators contacted the woman who lives there, Gloria Redmann told them Ahlstrom was her ex-boyfriend and that he came over and was "causing problems so she asked a friend if he would take care of it." Court documents say the officer realized Redmann would be the suspect in a homicide and stopped questioning her at that point; he notified detectives.

Redmann's mother, who lives at the home, said she didn't get any Thanksgiving dinner because "Gloria and Michael had a fight." She hadn't seen Michael since. Other relatives said Ahlstrom told them "Gloria is a black out drunk and on at least one occasion has been violent."

Upon examining the body, investigators suspected he had been dead for several days. There were blood stains on the driveway, indicating the body had been moved or dragged to that location.

Redmann initially told investigators she didn't know Ahlstrom's body was there until Wednesday. Later, she changed her story to say they had been in a fight three days before. She told them "she had called a male friend to remove him from the property" but didn't know what had happened to him.

Then, she admitted she wanted to park her truck under the awning, but couldn't do it because the body was in the way. "Redmann said she went to the Sun Rental company and rented the large engine hoist to lift the body out of the driveway, but was unable to make it work... She covered the body with additional tarps and went to the nearby bar to enlist some help." When the men showed up to help, they found the body and left. They called 911 to report what they had seen.

According to investigators, "Redmann [told them she] attempted to load the body onto an antique ironing board and drag it into a small shed adjacent to the driveway, but was unsuccessful in doing so, so she left it there and covered it with tarps."

Redmann was originally booked on charges of making a false statement, failing to notify the medical examiner and unlawful disposal of human remains. As of Thursday afternoon, she's booked on a charge of second degree murder.