SPOKANE, Wash. -

While murder suspect Jason Flett is sitting in jail on a $1 Million bond for the killing of his ex-girlfriend, police are releasing more information about how witnesses helped solve the killing of Ramona Childress.

A "free talk" is where if you have information about your minimal involvement in a much more serious crime sometimes you can cut a deal with police to avoid prosecution. In the case of the Childress' murder, the "free talk" led investigators to what are likely her remains in a stand of trees near Elk, Wash.

There were at least three people at the scene the night Flett allegedly buried Childress in the tree line, but it wasn't until earlier this week that the son of the man that owns most of the 90-acre parcel finally spoke up.

"One of those witnesses told police he helped bury Childress on this property so we're at this property right now searching for her," Spokane Police Lieutenant Mark Griffiths said Thursday.

On Wednesday, a day before detectives began digging for her remains, that witness was standing in this same spot with his attorney. The young man had successfully traded his year-long secret to avoid prosecution and the victim's brother say's he's reasonably OK with the "free talk" deal.

"He's the only puzzle piece that we've had that come to any real conclusion so far so in the world of give and take this is what we get work with and we're going to work with that," Childress' brother Abe Carroll said.

The other person who allegedly watched Flett bury his ex-girlfriend was his current girlfriend, who he allegedly assaulted recently with a crowbar.

The murder victim's family is neither surprised nor sympathetic to that woman.

"I do believe whatever her role was she'll be brought to justice as well and hopefully we'll have another social deviant off the streets and won't be able to hurt anybody," Carroll said.

Police think Childress was stabbed to death somewhere else and then moved to the property near Elk so the now the question is did the new girlfriend witness the actual killing or could she lead them to the murder scene.

That's undoubtedly what detectives are working on right now as they unravel how Ramona Childress died and who was involved in her killing.