SPOKANE, Wash. -

School is starting next week for Tony, who's going into his sophomore year and is looking forward to heading back to the classroom.

Tony's not usually one to sit by idle as he likes to be active. Throughout the summer, he didn't sleep the day away. He had a part time job with the parks department.

“We pick up the trail, like garbage and tree branches,” he said.

He got paid for that work and has something special planned for his earnings.

“I'm saving up tickets for me and my brother to go to a Seahawks game. I have like $328," Tony said, adding he hopes to see his two favorite players – Bobby Wagner and Kam Chancellor – in action.

Having a dad to go along would be great for Tony. His social worker thinks a single dad or a two-parent family would be just what Tony needs, especially if that family truly enjoys teenagers and can commit to connecting tony to his Native American community and culture. Tony would also like a pet-loving active family.

“I like animals, I like going places, probably not staying home all the time, kinda like people into sports,” he said.

If you're a superhero fan, that would help too.

“I'm into the superhero shows, The Flash and The Arrow, I also like DC Legends,” he said.

Tony's favorite superhero trait is speed, thinks Superman is overrated – “He can beat people too easily” – and his secret identity may be that he's an artist as he's good at drawing. Tony would like nothing more right now than to sketch out a future in an adoptive home.