This week's Wednesday's Child is a strong young lady who just wants to know what it's like to just be a kid.

Leanndra is 12-year-old who loves fun and has a lot of interests.

"I like to draw, sing, read and I like to ride bikes," she told us. She also thinks it would be cool to own a pet rabbit or a puppy.

Leanndra never really knew her mother and has been in foster care since her father died when she was eight. With the help of her counselor, Leanndra is working on creating a book about her life story so far.

"It goes from when I was about a baby, from what I remember, up to now when I'm in foster care," she explained.

But this young lady's life story is just beginning, and she needs parents to help her write the next chapter in a safe, loving place.

"I want to be treated good, equal as everyone in the house," she said.