SPOKANE, Wash. -

School is starting and Elijah, this week's Wednesday's Child, is very excited for the new year.

Elijah hasn't had the same path as most other sophomores, but he is ready for that path to lead to an adoptive family.

Elijah, who is 15, is full of surprises. Right now he's planning on buying a special birthday present for his favorite person at his home. He has a part time job and has been saving up just for her.

“It's gotta be something special. She's probably the nicest person to me,” he said.

That's the kind of person Elijah is, kind and giving, and makes others feel special.

“I care about everybody I know," he said.

Empathy drives Elijah to work hard in school, get good grades and set goals.

“I see a homeless person, I feel really bad. Sometimes maybe they didn't have a chance,” he said. “I don't want that to happen to me."

He's had enough happen to him. He's been in foster care for years, through no fault of his own, and has moved in and out of 6 or 7 homes

“I was depressed, I had been at a placement for a month and a half and I'd move but I got attached to the people there. After having that happen to you so much just kinda ruins your perspective on things," he said.

As he's matured, Elijah says he copes by finding ways to keep in touch with those he's befriended., and during the sad times Elijah seeks out help.

“I find someone I can express my feelings to and I try to let it go," he explained.

He also looks ahead to his future – he wants to be a marine biologist – and his future with an adoptive family, two parents, maybe some siblings and the most important thing of all: “I want them to care about me. I have a lot of, a lot of love to give out."