SPOKANE, Wash, -

While most of us were still asleep Thursday morning, many volunteers were up bright and early preparing a big Thanksgiving meal for those less fortunate.

At Mid City Concerns the volunteers were busy all morning preparing to serve 400 turkey dinners. The amount of food that is prepped, cooked and served is simply amazing, a huge amount of work that the volunteers and staff say they just wouldn't be able to pull off without a big upgrade they got to this kitchen just a little over a year ago.

Carl Perron has been overseeing the Thanksgiving day volunteers for about 14 years. The kitchen didn't always look this way.

"There has been times when we just to be honest we have dealt with some broken down equipment and we have just made due," Perron said.

Then, a little over a year ago, Mark Peterson and the Extreme Team remodeled their kitchen.

"It's just changed things completely," Perron said.

"Previously the wall was just right there now it is double wide. We have plenty of room now to have people working in shifts on both sides," Susan Ruby said.


A simple task like boiling a single batch of potatoes was a nightmare with just one burner but things have changed.

"We can do enough potatoes for 50 within 20 minutes from raw so its just a big, big difference," Perron said,

The space and equipment is more than needed especially during the holidays.

"We have not only twice as many meals on wheels but we have twice as many walk-ins as less people are feeding downtown," Perron said.

The Meals on Wheels food is prepared at the Plymouth Congregational Church on 8th Avenue.

"If we are focusing on Meals on Wheels, preparing here, it is hard also to prepare for the couple hundred at least that will come in to eat," Ruby said.

That allows the volunteers to focus on the dinner for the senior center, which shares the space with Meals on Wheels as well as the meal put on for the homeless.

It's become a tradition for the families volunteering here, who wouldn't miss it for anything

"Putting a focus on other people and spending time together as a family taking care of other people's needs," Kim Davis said.