Christmas trees are a tradition that too many families in our area just can't afford, but a very special man in our community is doing something to fix that.

Since 1953, Storybook Christmas Trees have filled the homes and warmed the hearts of countless families in and around Spokane. It's work that owner Emory Clark said he has been blessed to do over the last sixty years and on to celebrate that very special anniversary, he's doing something pretty special to give back.

Clark knows just about all there is to know when it comes to Christmas trees. He and his childhood friend started selling them 60 years ago

"Even at 14 we were making 100 bucks a day and I got used to it (laughs)," Clark said.

The trees were good to Emory and his family, so he had a thought

"What can I do to let people know just how happy I am just to be healthy and just to be still involved in this business?" he said.

On the 60th anniversary of his business, Clark will give away 60 trees to families who otherwise couldn't afford to get one in our area.

"I have always given quite a few trees out to people that can't afford them but I have loved every minute of this business. It keeps me young," he said.

You can nominate a deserving family by bringing a short letter to the tree lot up in Airway Heights or at Clark's other location across from the White Elephant on Division.

He'll pass nominations off to Gene Dire of Catholic Charities. Dire has known Clark for almost 45 years and isn't surprised with his generosity.

"Not at all. No I haven't, you know this is true Emory and we are just so pleased to be the recipient of this kind of grace," he said.