SPOKANE, Wash. -

You can swipe your plastic again at dozens of local grocery stores as URM says the problem that plagued their credit card processing system has been fixed.

Last week, checking out at the grocery store proved to be quite the task with many local stores only accepting cash and check.

"We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience that we have caused," URM CEO Ray Sprinkle said.

URM process electronic payments for stores like Yoke's and Rosauers. When the company learned the payment processing system was infected with malware they shut it down, forcing stores to only take cash or check to ensure customer's bank information wasn't in the hands of a hacker. URM now says they've fixed the issue and have implemented new security measures.

"The investigation is still on-going but we have implemented security enhancements through the system to protect the card and that's why the cards are safe to use and we welcome consumers back to our stores," Sprinkle said.

This is good news for grocery shoppers like Mitch Koller who was a victim of the cyber attack. One day he went to Rosauers. The next he found out he was a fraud victim.

"I got a phone call and a text message and an email from my fraud warning on my card that there was suspicious activity," he said.

It turned out someone from Europe was trying to buy $170 worth of concert tickets with his account information. The bank stopped the transaction from happening.

"Nothing is bullet-proof nowadays so I just figured something had been taken advantage of and Rosauers was probably the last place I probably would have thought of," he said.

Sprinkle said he doesn't know who was behind the attack or how many cards were affected. Shoppers who used their cards before the attack was blocked should continue to review their bank records for any suspicious activity and if there are any contact your bank immediately