SPOKANE, Wash. -

We all make mistakes in life, and it doesn't take too many before things spiral out of control. Getting your life back on track is a much larger task, but there a number of people who attended a job fair Friday at the Union Gospel Mission who are working to do that.

The Union Gospel Mission is home to a lot of folks who are down on their luck, but everyone there is much better off than the day they walked through the door. They accepted help and wanted something more for themselves, and Friday there was there are second chances are something the Spokane business community believes in.

"Everybody has an opportunity, a fresh start, it's fantastic and a positive attitude is probably the biggest part," Chuck Triggs of Longhorn BBQ said.

Triggs knows what kind of employees he can find at the job fair. Eager ones.

"Over the years, Longhorn has hired people who are handicapped, people who have had some concerns in the past and I would say we are one of the best as far as working with people and making sure that they have an opportunity  to enjoy the community and become a great employee," he said.

"There's just so many different companies here and so many different things you can learn about the community and about bettering yourself," Rowdy Rogers said.

Rogers has completed a 16-week recovery program, is interning with the mission and attending Spokane Falls Community College to become a chemical dependency counselor. It's a life he couldn't picture for himself before coming to the mission but now he's helping others.

"Just to see them apply themselves and to have people here who truly care about them before they even know them to come in here and help them out and watch them go through the process its just amazing," he said.

The final part of that process comes after the year and a half recovery program. Graduates go out into the community and donate 20 hours of work per week until they reach 240 hours.

"In a way to practice their recovery tools invest in an industry that they might want to pursue and because of that program our employment rate for our graduates is at 80-percent," Tiffany Riddle with the Union Gospel Mission said.

The mission is always looking for businesses to help out by partnering with them and hiring their graduates.