Two men have filed lawsuits against the Central Valley School District for sexual abuse in the mid-1960s by a former teacher in the district.

The law office of James Rogers issued a statement Tuesday saying the plaintiffs filed the lawsuit in Spokane County Superior Court alleging they both suffered sexual abuse by teacher Howard Moos while they were attending McDonald Elementary School in the mid-1960s.

The plaintiffs were approximately 10-years-old when the abuse allegedly happened.

Moos, who was a teacher in the Central Valley School District between 1962 and 1969, was later convicted of second-degree child molestation in 1989 for the abuse of a student in the Cheney School District, where he served as a teacher from 1974 through 1989.

"Central Valley School District should have known that they had a pedophile on the faculty, particularly since he sexually abused students on the school property. The school district did not protect these students and failed to properly supervise Mr. Moos," said the victims' attorney James S. Rogers of Seattle. "School should be a safe place for children."

Moos is now deceased.