SPOKANE, Wash. --- Rainy weather didn't stop the West Central PorchFest from kicking off for the third year in a row Saturday afternoon

For Don Hamilton of Spokane, it's his first time participating in the event after he and his wife attended last year.

"People would walk neighborhoods and see people on their porch and wave and say 'hello' and ever since, frankly, the invention of the automobile and suburbs, people aren't on their porches anymore and so you just get to wander into somebody and they will say 'hey," Hamilton said.

He says PorchFest transforms the West Central neighborhood into a daylong acoustic music festival where 17 homeowners turn their porches into small stages.

PorchFest creator Marshall Peterson, says it's a chance for neighbors to not only meet new people and listen to live bands, it's also a showcase poets as well.

"I wanted to give people an excuse to get to know one another and to get outside of their houses to get to know their neighbors and to jump across the neighborhood," Peterson said.

The event will run until 7pm Saturday. Peterson plans to continue it next year, hopefully on a sunny day.