SPOKANE, Wash. -

Craigslist, one of the Internet's favorite marketplaces, is letting thieves handpick their targets for armed robberies as Spokane police are investigating a trio of holdups involving victims trying to sell their computers through the site.

Thieves are allegedly using Craigslist to find exactly the top dollar merchandise they're looking for and then reportedly posing as buyers and getting the computer owners to deliver the loot to the locations of the thief's choice.

All of the people who got ripped off were trying to sell their Apple laptops on Craigslist.

Each victim got a phone call asking them to bring their merchandise to Spokane City Park.

"Well the person going to sell his computer met the people he meant to sell it to and he was confronted by four people total. At least one of them had a gun, pointed a gun and them and stole the computer," Lieutenant Mark Griffiths of the Spokane Police Department said.

The next robbery happened when the computer's owner was asked to meet the prospective buyer in Franklin Park. Police say as 16-year-old Tre Garner walked away with his laptop a second suspect ordered him to the ground at gunpoint.

Detectives think Garner's group is selling off the laptops for cash and according to the teen's Facebook page he's got a lot of it.

"Craigslist is a great way to sell things but it would be best if you were buying or selling, if you pick a neutral location, a public place, bring someone with you, do it during the daylight and just be safe," Griffiths said.

Police also warn if you're selling guns or jewelry don't let prospective buyers come to your home. They can pass on the purchase only to come back the next day and steal your stuff during a burglary.