As ballots hit mailboxes, Spokane County residents will have the chance to weigh in on the future of Fairchild Air Force Base.

Prop 1 will generate $18 million over nine years. That money will be used to buy up land at the end of Fairchild's runways, land that is currently home to seven mobile home parks. It's an area filled with families and may hold the key to the bases' sustained future.

Located near Fairchild Aero Mobile Home park isn't exactly quiet but for many it is home.

"Love the area, love my neighbors," said resident Marcciae Timm.

Timm has lived here for almost 10 years, now she may have to uproot her life and two children.

"Some might say it's just a place but not when you've got so many memories," said Timm.

In the next few days voters will get their ballots. County voters will have to decide on Proposition 1. Prop 1 would raise the levy for county home owners and theoretically generate $18 million over the next nine years. Money that will be used to buy seven mobile home parks near Fairchild, Aero included.

"Then we'll work with each one of the residents to relocate them to another housing opportunity," said Al French, county commissioner for District 3.

The mobile homes are located in what is considered an accident potential zone for Fairchild. Having a large population density in this area hurt the base's chances for the bed down of the new Boeing KC 46 and could play a factor in Fairchild's next base realignment and closure process.

"And so we want to make sure that we don't lose points when we go through a BRAC process and that we are able to compete for the second bed down of the new 46A tankers," said French.

Fairchild generates $1.3 billion a year in economic impact for the area, closing the base would be devastating.

"If we lose Fairchild you could see anywhere from a 10-15 percent reduction in home prices throughout the county," said French.

Timm knows this but says moving will be more than difficult.

"I really hope it does but think about the impact."

If passed the average cost to homeowners in the county with a home value of $200,000 would be around $12 annually or $115 over the life of the bond.