Baseball season is in full swing, and this week's Wednesday's Child is a big fan.

"I don't have a favorite player, but I do like the Mariners," 10-year-old Terry told us.

He loves all kinds of sports and games, including board games and video games.

"My favorite video game is Batman," he said.

He also enjoys reading and cooking, especially pasta.

"Macaroni and cheese and spaghetti," he explained.

Terry is social and has some great friends, but what he really needs is the support and love of parents.

"I just want a family," he told us.

Terry would really like a 2-parent family and a home with pets and other kids. He would especially love to be a big brother.

Terry hopes his new family will let him play on a sports team, and maybe do some traveling, but mostly Terry wants someone who will be there for him no matter what.